Sabtu, 12 Oktober 2013

Happy (?)

It happened when I was taking a speaking IELTS test.
As we know about speaking IELTS test, there are 3 parts of the test.
In the last part I was given some related question with the previous one.

It was about money and happiness.

How can money makes people happy. Which is happier between who has a good relationship than the other who has lot of money, are people in Indonesia happy with their Job, etc.

But the most dramatically question which strikes me is:

"Are you a happy person? Can you describe me?"

My heart says "What kind of question is it, sir? Argh"

But yeah, it was my responsibilty to give him the fake answer, wasn't it?

I told him like this,

"Sir, I try to smile everyday, whether I have a reason or not. But I think it can't be forgotten that everything in our life is gifts from God, these are God blessing. I'm always trying to make a Joke to my friends, my parents, just to be happy.  
And sir, I contend that happiness do not come to us. We produce our happiness itself. And yess, I am a happy person :)"

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